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InvoiceMore: The Updates Before the Storm

It’s been a little quiet here lately, but there’s a huge round of updates on the horizon for InvoiceMore. So instead of just waiting a little longer for those changes and new features to get here,  some  new small updates, improvements, and general maintenance changes have been released. Some of the highlights: PayPal Website Payments Pro Integration [...]

InvoiceMore Update: Direct Online Client Payments

InvoiceMore now includes options for direct online payments! Clients can now view invoices online with a link, and submit payments for them directly through PayPal or if enabled and configured. The payments will be automatically recorded and applied to the invoice and client account balance. PayPal standard payments are available to everyone who has an [...]

InvoiceMore User System Updates

InvoiceMore got some fresh user system updates on April 12. Most of them are the unnoticed “behind the scenes” types of updates, but there is one visible change: A password recovery system. It is a little embarrassing to admit, but InvoiceMore did indeed launch without a way for users to reset or change passwords. That [...]

Search Filters on Invoices and Payments

A very helpful new feature has finally made it to InvoiceMore: search filters for invoices and payments. Invoices can be filtered by status, due date, and invoice number. Payments can be filtered by date and invoice number. This is one of those simple features that had to get cut from the initial release at the last [...]

InvoiceMore is Now LIVE

The initial public version of InvoiceMore is now live and up on the web.  It’s been a long road to get here, but the day has finally come. If you’re in the Oklahoma City area tonight, drop by OpenBeta 2 hosted at okcCoCo to see a live personal demonstration of the features and capabilities. If [...]

Official Beta Launch Today

After 5 months of long nights, weekends, and development crossing over into the early hours of the morning, InvoiceMore has officially launched the limited beta program.  The goal of a December 2008 beta launch was missed by about two weeks, caused mostly by a last-minute server change and a longer than expected domain name transfer [...]

On-Track for December 2008 Limited Beta

If you have not signed up to recieve a beta account yet and are interested in the InvoiceMore billing service, please sign up soon.  InvoiceMore is on-track to open for limited beta testing late December 2008, and the beta inquiry form will be removed shortly before the limited beta period begins or when there are [...]

InvoiceMore at OpenBeta

A short 5-minute “lightning talk” presentation revealing more information about InvoiceMore will be presented at OpenBeta, a local community “un-conference” put on by Derrick Parkhurst.  The primary focus is to describe exactly what is different about InvoiceMore from other billing and invoicing services, and where InvoiceMore will be a better solution in some situations. The content [...]

Beta Signups Open

The InvoiceMore beta signups are officially open.  If you would like to see what InvoiceMore is all about or are interested in being informed when beta testing opens and accounts become available, please head on over and sign up.  Limited beta testing will begin in December 2008, with an initial public release shortly following. More public [...]

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