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InvoiceMore is an online billing and invoicing service provided by Actridge, LLC for small businesses and freelancers. It provides a simple web interface for creating and sending invoices to clients and recording payments for them. You can email and generate PDF invoices, print and snail mail them, and just keep track of your clients and their payments in an easy and organized way.

More Intuitive Recurring Billing

Competing billing applications handle recurring billing with "recurring invoice templates" that let you build an invoice that will recur every set interval, like "1 month" or "2 weeks". If you have clients with services that recur on different intervals, you have to setup a new recurring invoice template for each interval. This sets up a situation where your client can get multiple individual invoices on months where more than one recurring invoice templates comes due.

Recurring invoice templates are the wrong approach. They are looking at the problem backwards. Clients don't ask for recurring Invoices. They ask for recurring products and services. An invoice is the natural end result of the products and services they buy, like a reciept. It's not the starting point.

With InvoiceMore, you associate products and services with clients and pick a recurring interval for that association. Then every billing cycle, invoices are automatically generated for that client from the recurring products and services that are due sometime within that billing period. You end up with a single invoice with everything due on it instead of multiple "recurring invoice templates" that are generated and sent independently.

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